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World's First Plastic Free Vegan Protein Bar Brand

About Us

We took a moment to look at the current snack and confectionery market and unfortunately, were not too pleased with what we saw.

We asked ourselves, why can’t non-dairy/ vegan snacks taste great AND be healthy and good for the planet?

So, we set out to create a company that does things a little differently!

In January 2020, Defend Earth came into the world upset at the state of the current healthy-option snack market, and we made four promises to YOU - key, fundamental rules that we will never break:

  • We will never use animal products or unnatural ingredients in our bars.
  • All our products will be vegan and GMO free.
  • We will not use plastic. Our chocolate high protein and low sugar bars will not be packaged using plastic*
  • We will not produce products that are high in sugar.

Our delicious, vegan chocolate, high protein and low sugar bars will come in a range of delicious flavours each containing a minimum 16g of high-quality protein, and less than 1g sugar.

If you want a healthy, great-tasting snack on the move, or have missed breakfast, want to eat before or after the gym, or want a quick, chocolate fix, Defend Earth has got your back. If you need energy, are about to do a marathon, have missed a meal, or have a hangover, Defend Earth will look after you nutritionally, and ethically, because we’re nice to the planet.

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