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About Us


Our delicious, vegan chocolate, high protein and low sugar bars will come in a range of delicious flavours each containing a minimum 16g of high-quality protein, and less than 1g sugar.

If you want a healthy, great-tasting snack on the move, or have missed breakfast, want to eat before or after the gym, or want a quick, chocolate fix, Defend Earth has got your back. If you need energy, are about to do a marathon, have missed a meal, or have a hangover, Defend Earth will look after you nutritionally, and ethically, because we’re nice to the planet.

Protein Bar

We took a moment to look at the current snack and confectionery market and unfortunately, were not too pleased with what we saw.

We asked ourselves, why can’t non-dairy/ vegan snacks taste great AND be healthy and good for the planet? So, we set out to create a company that does things a little differently!

We made four promises to YOU - key, fundamental rules that we will never break:

  • We will never use animal products or unnatural ingredients in our bars.
  • All our products will be vegan and GMO free.
  • We will not use plastic. Our chocolate high protein and low sugar bars will not be packaged using plastic*
  • We will not produce products that are high in sugar.
Healthy Snack

Join Defend Earth

We believe great choices in helping protect our beautiful home planet earth, can also taste amazing and be fun. We will continue to innovate with 100% vegan ingredients and bring products to the market that were thought of as "impossible". Even small choices can have a big impact on our future, so join the Defend Earth community and make a difference.

Our Accreditation

Our products have been checked and registered with the world renowned Vegan Society. Their in depth approval process means our vegan protein bars met strict criterial evaluation and we can display their internationally recognised trademark.